Tile Cleaning & Sealing
We clean any type of tile wether it is natural or not. We will clean any floor or wall you need. Elite Stone Services has experience with all types of materials and is certified to handle any cleaning job. Here we only use top of the line embedding sealers that not only coat the top of the stone but also imbed into the pores of the stone.
Grout Cleaning & Sealing
Tired of dirty grout lines? We can take off any build up that has accumulated over time. We also offer our top of the line sealing service to put an end to the black lines.
Hard Surfaces Restoration
We have the tool for any surface. If it is dirty to you then it is dirty to us. No matter the imperfection we are able to restore your surface to new again.
Restoration of Natural Stone
We pride ourselves in our ability to bring any natural stone back to better than new. Here at Elite Stone Services we are able to take out any scratches, etches, and stains. Any natural stone can be brought back to new or better by us.
Countertop Restoration & Protection
We are certified AntiEtch and Stoneguard installers. Through either of these processes we can protect countertops from etching and aging overtime. If you have existing etch marks we can remove them and make your countertop look good as new and better.
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